High Security Locks and Ignition Switch Keys

High Security Locks Are Specifically Built For Commercial Sites

A high security lock is an expensive purchase. You don’t need to opt for a high security lock for residential site’s security. The lock is built and designed for commercial sites such as retail stores, factories and malls. Hill Key Masters Locksmith Raleigh NC is providing 5 brands of high security locks. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing it, we will come at your doorstep to guide you in detail about the features, specs, functioning and usage of different locks. Our high security locks come with a lifetime guarantee.

Providing Ignition Switch Keys Service For Low Costs

An ignition switch starts to malfunction once it gets old. No matter if you have purchased a luxury car, the possibility of ignition switch malfunctioning exists all the time. Give us a call immediately when you feel for the first time that the ignition key is not working smoothly. We have kept our ignition switch keys service charges affordable for everyone. Hill Key Masters Raleigh covers the making of new and duplicated ignition switch keys with the delivery of service. On the other hand, the service task involves cleaning the switch and making it like a new one.

You think it is late to call a locksmith? We work evenings

With the realization that not all people are available during the day to schedule appointments with locksmiths, our company Hill Key Masters Raleigh NC diversified its operational time to have our locksmiths work evenings in order to serve the ever growing number of people with busy schedules during the day. With this new development, we are able to fix security issues at our client’s homes in the evenings thus ensuring that they have nothing to deny them their dear sleep. Our technicians also respond on time once called for emergencies.

Need locksmith services late at night? We offer 24/7 service

Locksmith services can be required at any time of day. For instance, you might need to leave at night only to realize that your car’s key won’t turn in the ignition. In such a case, you need not to keep on struggling with your ignition’s switch key as this might either damage your car’s ignition switch or even cause further delays. At Hill Key Masters Raleigh NC, we offer 24/7 service and can be at your service shortly upon your request. Call us to request for late night locksmith assistance.

We offer emergency car lockout services

At Hill Key Masters, we provide reliable and affordable car lockout services. Our locksmiths are always ready to attend even to emergency lockout cases at any time of day. When you are dealing with our technicians, you can only expect high level expertise in all types of car locksmith services such as lock picking, chip key replacement, car key duplication, ignition switch key replacement among others. We strive to satisfy every clients needs on time so as to allow them time to carry on with their daily activities without any form of stress or delays.

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  1. It’s nice to know that there are locksmith services that can also operate during the weekends. I’m thinking about having high security locks installed in my home soon because improving its security can give me a better price for its insurance. Choosing the best locks that I can find would probably be the optimal option.

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