Hill Key Masters Raleigh Locksmith

Are digital door locks right for me?

There are more places that can benefit from having digital door locks installed than just businesses. In the home they can be the perfect security solution when there is a habit of lost keys. It can also reduce the number of keys you have floating around without reducing access. Hill Key Masters Raleigh Locksmith carries several different types of digital locks, some of which are appropriate for entry doors and others that are perfect for interior doors too. If you are a business, we have a full range of digital locks for you too. Call and talk to one of our professional service staff members now for help in selecting the lock that meets your needs well.

Where can I get gun locks for all my weapons?

The problem with gun locks is finding ones for all of your weapons that have the same release key. You can buy them individually from a store, but depending on how many you have that could mean more keys and release methods than you can easily keep track off. The simple solution is to call Hill Key Masters Raleigh Locksmith. Give us a list of your weapons and we can pull the right locks for each and set them to the same release method. We will let you know when they are ready so you don’t have to waste time running around when you could be on the range or in the field while you wait.

Getting homes unlocked easily

It’s easy to get homes unlocked when you call Hill Key Masters Raleigh Locksmith. Our locksmith crews are available 24/7 and serve all areas. Our crews are all experienced, licensed and bonded too. That means that not only will they keep you safe, but that they will know how to unlock the security system on almost any home. The last thing you want to do is to be standing around worrying about your home when all it takes is one phone call to get back inside. While our locksmiths are there, make sure you talk to them about different home security options if you find yourself locked out often. There are a wide range of lock styles available that can help prevent a lockout.

Can you install master key systems?

Yes, we can install master key systems on any size building and in homes too. The master key system allows for one pass key to open all doors. This can be vital to preventing lost time at work as all office areas can be opened with one key. In homes, a master key can be easier to keep track of for kids and other family members and reduce the numbers of lock outs. Hill Key Masters Raleigh Locksmith also offers registered master key systems that can have individual keys assigned to each lock for apartments and other areas with leased agreements. Call us at 919-374-3858 today to find out what we can do for you.