Hill Key Masters in Clayton NC

Professional and reliable re-keying for your new property

Need your home re-keyed? So many contractors these days gained access to your new home with the lock box key. For that reason, re-keying is absolutely essential for the adequate security of your family. You won’t save any dollar doing it by yourself – the proper locksmith service is a must. The Hill Key Masters in Clayton NC ‘s offer differs from the competition for its availability, reliability and professionalism. Our skilled technicians will do their best with the installation and the cleanup of the specific spot after the work is done. In addition to the phone call, you can schedule any of our services using a simple online tool provided on our company’s official website.

Safes and vaults opened by experienced and certified professionals

Need a personal safe or a vault professionally opened? Hill Key Masters in Clayton NC is one of the few companies that provides this kind of services both for business and residential clients. We hire the most skilled and most reliable professional technicians. Your safes and vaults opened with no damage or the minimum damage allowed is what distinguish ourselves from the competition. Thanks to our extensive experience with a range of devices including ATMs, safes of all security levels and bank safes, we are now in a position to offer you a service of skill, patience and ultimate precision. Our reference list will certainly tell you more about us.

Cutting-edge security systems, video alarms and more

Want to secure your expensive and valuable property? You certainly need a proven and certified company that will protect all your values. Hill Key Masters in Clayton NC is a company that offers high-end video alarms, basic, advanced and the most complex security systems for the complete security of your house or business property, as well as range of other regular locksmith services to suit all your needs. We are committed to providing excellence since the day one and we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee both for new and regular customers. Our reference list includes some of the largest companies in city, residential building complexes and administrative units.

Vehicle keys made of high-quality materials

Lost the keys to your car and have no spare set? Don’t try to open your car by force – Hill Key Masters in Clayton NC is your first choice when it comes to automotive locksmith Clayton NC services. Vehicle keys made with the most advanced technology using high-quality materials are our trademark. In addition, you can find home locks, basic security systems, and car keys for a range of models. We also offer other locksmith services including the installation, repair and maintenance of all types of locks. Our phone number is 919-374-3858 and we encourage you to contact us anytime you need a reliable, knowledgeable and friendly assistance.