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Transponder keys can be damaged by poor service

Transponder keys are products of technology. So they need sophisticated servicing. Transponder keys will work fine but what will you do if you have problem with these keys? Get these keys serviced by people who understand the technology behind these keys. Hill Key Masters Carrboro NC, a company that has been providing lock and key services for a long time keeps pace with technology. We have experts in Electronics on our role who know how a transponder key works and how to fix any problem with it. Dont get your keys damaged beyond repair by engaging conventional locksmiths. For dependable service, call us.

Window gates repairs – Dont take these easy

Window gates my appear to be less important but they are not. In terms of security, they are even more important. Why? Because intruders like robbers prefer to enter your homes through window gates. Any weakness in your window gates will make their job easy. If you have some problem with your window gates, Dont neglect them. Sometimes you may feel that they need not be attended to on priority. Understand the security risks involved and get your window gates problems fixed by Hill Key Masters Carrboro NC, the best name you can think of for any kind of service needed for your locks.

Magnetic locks will be repelled by poor service!

Most of the locks have a mechanical system. Magnetic locks have both a mechanical and electrical system. Traditional locksmiths can work on the mechanical systems but not on the electrical systems. Magnetic locks will either lose their magnetism or will become completely damaged if handled by people without complete knowledge of their workings. Hill Key Masters Carrboro NC has developed expertise with both conventional locks and magnetic locks. We have people specially trained in the principles behind the working of magnetic locks. They will repair the locks and make them functional. Our service is fast and reliable. Just give us a call when you need our services.

New locks installation Fixing them right is the key to their long life

First impression is the best impression. This principle applies to locks also. If you Dont install the locks properly at the beginning, you are likely to face problems in future. If new locks installation is done right, they will work smoothly without giving you any problem. So decide whom you should call to install new locks. If you call Hill Key Masters Carrboro NC, the experts, you can feel safe and be free from recurring problems in future. We understand locks and their intricate structures. We take care of several small things that matter in the long run while doing the installation.