Home lock installation and repair

Contact us for installation and repair of mobile home locks on your exterior doors

In most cases, exterior doors require more security as well as keyed entry. This therefore means that having mobile home locks installed and maintained at all times will ensure that your security is intact at all times. At Hill Key Masters, we have been installing and repairing these kinds of locks for years since we started our business. Having done this for long, we have gained unbeatable experience in this field. When it comes to installation and repair charges, we give you value for your money by installing long lasting security hardware at affordable rates.

Need high quality padlocks? You can get them from us

Some doors are made in such a way that they can only be locked with padlocks. If you have such a door at your home, then going for a padlock that is hard to manipulate or fake its key is ideal as you will always be assured of your security and that of your properties. At Hill Key Masters, we do sell these kinds of locking systems at affordable rates. We also supply high quality locks that are made and distributed by reputable security hardware companies.

Peephole installation from certified locksmiths

If there is one thing that will assure you of your security, is going for a certified locksmith. At Hill Key Masters, our locksmiths are certified and licensed to operate. If you want to be sure who is knocking on your door before you can open for them, we can help you do peephole installation. Our technicians are knowledgeable in this area and can install your peephole in such a way that the one outside cannot see you while peeping. To have one of our technicians install one for you, feel free to call us.

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